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calls are allowed to be used in our food supply. what is polysorbate sixty. do you know what a partially hydrogenated oil is. this is the question my produce rational one day while we were in the grocery store i didn't know so he began telling me that it was bad for the heart and how he didn't eat them he said it's in most processed foods so i started reading labels and found it in hundreds of products. when i realized it was in food that i was feeding my toddler i did my research. i found out it had devastating consequences to our health especially the heart which is the focus of my nursing career as a father a husband a nurse and a filmmaker the next logical step was to make this movie.
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what is a hydrogenated oil oil. and. i don't know. that's a good question josh unaided oil is something you put in your car to make it run smooth an oil that's healthier for you than other oils they've heard of i don't know exactly what it is i don't know and oil that has maybe an extra each will molecule in it and are now added as cardia no clue i have no idea but i think it's really good for you what sort of good oil hydrogenated oil a believe is oil that is humanly altered oil cook or animal fact that no to
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manufacture in a way to or toxic something flown through it i'm not at all i don't know as i or environment safe magic something you massage i don't remember another battery of season cars. comes out of mixed up. traffic trying to. annoy lol it is ben if you want to see a lot of packages and food must be preserved some time spent discussing something changed from the right. so what is a hydrogenated oil hydrogenated oil is a man made that a trans fat you see that is just a big molecule that's made mostly of carbon the carbon atoms are bonded together like a chain they're hydrogen atoms attached along the chain and if the carbon chain is completely saturated with hydrogen that's a saturated fat and if there are some missing spots. that's
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a non saturated fat get it ok so where does trans fat in trans fats in as a. bizarro type of. unsaturated fatty acid where the double bond is present but the hydrogen atoms that are attached to the carbon chain are on the opposite side of the carbon chain. just about all of the polyunsaturated fats in nature have the carbon atoms on the same side it's sis but with industrial processing of vegetable oils the bonds get rearranged so the hydrogen atoms are on opposite sides of the chain you might say well who cares where the hydrogen atoms are after all. but it turns out that we have evolved to deal with. fatty acids that have the hydrogen the
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same side so this we have not evolved to deal with these new kinds of fatty acids that are produced through industrial processing of vegetable oils and this is actually wreaking havoc with our health. let's take a look at how these trans fats are made. the process of hydrogenation starts with a plant that is harvested and then transported to a processing facility here chemical solvents are used to extract oil from the plant . the oil is then bleached deodorized and eventually pressurized in a tank that is heated to over four hundred degrees fahrenheit thiis extreme temperatures allow a chemical reaction to occur when heavy metals are added as a catalyst the most commonly used aluminum. and cobalt none of which should be consumed by humans. finally hydrogen gas is blasted into the tank and bonded to the oil the result is two types of hydrogenated oils. and partially
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partially hydrogenated oils are the ones preferred by the food restaurant industry but in either case the molecular structure of the oil has been changed and it is no longer in its natural state. problem is that you really and truly need to have no hydrogenation no partial hydrogenation you need to have things that are not altered. the. low fat diet that has been pushed for many years. by various authorities in the fearsome community has really not serve the public well. the reason for that is that. some fats are essential some fats are ok and some are really bad the trans fat it goes into the really bad category to
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lump all fats together and say fat is bad and we should reduce fat to improve our health is misguided and not supported by scientific evidence it's it's. a simplification that is simply wrong. fatty acids in the diet are really critical for almost every step of human biology in the past it was often thought that fat was just fuel that we burned and got energy that way but we've come to realize after decades of research that the specific fatty acids which make up fat play a critical biological role some fatty acids are absolutely essential for the structure for making the membrane around every single cell in our body and other fatty acids play a critical roles is the backbone of hormones and other molecules that influence our heart rhythm and our likelihood of clotting response to inflammation and many many
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other really essential biological pathways so this idea that is bad is a bad idea. kind of food that we're eating now which is heavily processed is a very recent phenomenon if you look over the course of human history it's clear that we all have to live on a different kind of diet and we're consuming know some of the things that we were eating were the kinds of i think some people wouldn't like to get their hands on because they're not really what we consider foods. our methods of hunting and gathering became more complex and efficient as time progressed. eventually we
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learned to cultivate the land and. agriculture began. it's been. planted the first crops. agricultural process to be more productive than hunting and gathering. peas and flax provided the energy needed to domesticate animals and . the next advancement in technology was. allowed humans to diversify the location. it didn't take long for our small farms to become plantations complex irrigation techniques allowed for an overabundance of food production in most developed countries. which leads us to our first. the next revolution in food was. cheap ineffective preservatives were needed to prevent spoilage so humans were introduced to modern food processing. chemical
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concoctions. the first known artificial refrigeration was invented in the mid one thousand nine hundred. more than. once we had cold storage we still needed a way to keep food on the shelves longer. was a chemist who perfected the hydrogenation of oil in the early one thousand nine hundred. because. it was a block and he brought it to procter and gamble in cincinnati ohio he showed up with his block any place that on the desk of cooper proctor proctor said what's this. procter and gamble quickly hired kaiser and by nine hundred eleven the company had perfected the production of what would come to be known as christgau. first procter and gamble had to give it away it was marketed as
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a scientific discovery that will affect every kitchen in america and it dead the american kitchen would soon become a laboratory and mama's little baby learn to love shortening bread. i like to call them the chris. and what i mean by that is that chris crow was introduced in one thousand and eleven in the early one nine hundred forty s. the christo kids would have been about twenty years ago they would have been having children at that point and if you project that into twenty to fifty you know fifty years that puts it into night hundred sixty nine hundred seventy if you look at the stats that are out there you start seeing a dramatic increase in all of these diseases. it doesn't tell you genius to figure out that it's related to the adulterated chemicals the holes in the toxins in the additives that are put in the food supply. in one thousand nine hundred five a new
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processed food revolution. the depression was over the troops were home and back to their domestic jobs the economy was finally stable and everyone was happy. conditions led to a population explosion creating a new generation of consumers. packaged food market. shelf life uniformity. for the new standard and market forces responded appropriately. in one thousand nine hundred eighty six congress passed legislation to build the interstate highway system. by linking the forty eight states with state. and. manufactured hydrogenated oils which gave life to margin. could be used to preserve the processed packaged foods across the country. the manufactured. product. would still be fresh when it got to
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washington state and from. today we can travel from new york. to minneapolis and. it's a burger king taco bell and chili's. at the travellers' hungry as a place to eat in san francisco with the same accustomed menu as a place in st louis or charleston toronto. in the last hundred years there have been very major changes in our food supply and true of the most important one of them being the large amounts of refined carbohydrate and sugar in our food supply and secondly the partial hydrogenation of liquid vegetable oils in our metabolic machinery is just not capable of dealing with those severe changes that have occurred in our food supply and then of course your add on or activity levels that have also changed a lot in the last hundred years and we really have
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a perfect storm of metabolic disaster. in order to better understand heart disease we went to the mount sinai hospital in new york city to meet with the world's leading cardiologist valentyn. was ben the past president of both the american heart association and the world heart federation. is a behavior problem to. the world he's fighting with you and one of the leading causes of heart disease is poor dietary choices called the wolf from some. unfortunately even in developing countries and in poor countries these evolving believe. men and women consuming higher levels of command even just a couple grams a day had substantially higher risk of heart to the twenty thirty forty percent higher depending on how much and they were eating and we did find that even quite
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small amounts of transferred in a put supplies such as one or two percent of the calories for this transfer increased heart disease risk by twenty going up to about eighty percent of the harvard school of public health estimates that trans fat has been causing. fifty thousand. every year so this is a toxic chemical that doesn't belong in the food supply. two hundred fatal heart attacks. in the city of. homicides that one hundred thirty two homicides but people don't focus on the heart attacks because of violent . homicides but death is the death and we killing ourselves and we. with our teeth. these are the number one cause of death in the world look only in developed countries but now even more of. these heart attack.
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snow equal to the infectious diseases. of significantly the. we've learned the transcripts have many adverse metabolic are facts we first. elevate the bad cholesterol. the good cholesterol. the transcripts increase inflammatory factors throughout the body meaning it really creates a general sense. every organ of the body. part of the issue what caused this cluster all to increase its inflammation ok. and here's what they look like h.d.l. cholesterol. and is represented by the blue spears.
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now. remember. and. here's the tricky part. they increase and inhibit.
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the inflammation. and there isn't enough h.d.l. to remove the excess. clogged. effect. society will make it. too expensive. so we. dr fewster says the treatments of heart disease are too expensive let's take
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a closer look at what a heart attack really cost meet bob he's having. us or charlie come or get any other lists or no one said ok. first charge will be for the ambulance. quickly. this time. first we need. to.
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hear. a cardiologist. and.
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then it's off to surgery which is. a complete. total cost for all of this. since one nine hundred twenty heart disease has been the number one killer of americans let's put this into perspective forty two thousand americans die each year accidents. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill themselves. while some of us are killing each other and others are killing themselves one hundred seventeen thousand careless
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accidents we have sent american troops into war many times over. and since korea it has been about one hundred thousand tragic casualties of war cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us a year heart disease is even more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every year we are at war with heart disease and we are losing. prints that. has an adverse effect on insulin resistance that is it makes the body have to work harder to metabolize glucose and sugars and this is the first step on the road to diabetes so most people who who are overweight have some degree of insulin resistance. if you have a lot of trans fat in the diet that makes it still worse and brings you closer to diabetes and we're we're in the midst of
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a diabetes epidemic along with our obesity epidemic trance is making it worse. twenty four million americans suffer from diabetes and every baby born after the year two thousand has a one in three chance of contracting this disease which is the leading cause of kidney failure and adult blindness. and remember every soda. candy and slice of white bread because you one step closer to contracting diabetes a huge proportion of diabetes is directly attributable to overweight and obesity. if our whole population got down to a p.m.i. say twenty two or twenty one we'd get rid of three quarters of the diabetes. today in the united states nearly two thirds of the population is overweight almost one in three americans is obese this is not just
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a few people with extremes of overweight the large majority of americans are overweight at a level that's that's having adverse effects on their risk of diabetes and heart disease and about physical education in italy were supposed to be. for ten years was supposed to be thinking for twenty minutes of. state law the got to get rid of junk food marketing to kids totally inappropriate totally unfair to kids to tempt them to eat foods that are bad for their health cartoon characters or hawking sugar and junk food right past our wallets and into the brains of our children. advertising to children is wrong but that's not the only reason our children are getting fat there are factors operating at many levels that push us as individuals toward or away resulting from overeating and activity in epidemiologic studies individuals who consume high amounts trans fat from hydrogenated vegetable oils have a substantially higher this heart attack sudden death from cardiovascular disease
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and they also have an increased risk of diabetes in animal studies it actually has been shown to increase girth when they had the same amount of calories and diet with either trans fat or for the oils the monkeys who were on the trans fat diet actually gained more weight. specifically creasing abdominal obesity. is they're struggling to reach. everybody but the whole country. so why were you all right. in the footage six. sugar enriched flour washed the hydrogenated vegetable oil ali still beats sixty. five.
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in india oldies available in the move go and join t.v. shows a movie that's a great way to go to the grand imperial. tours west coast you can go with her till
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the close of the show to sit down to go publicly and read the sun the kernel was her job as a retreat. e.u. leaders make you in brussels on how lots of phones continuing bailouts is the debt at began making beginning in spain but the strange euro wanted last legs. an international media mogul and top politician come under huge public scrutiny we examine whether they'll be able to survive the fall down the phone hacking scandal and with store public trucks. remaining un indicted war crimes suspect gordon nottage is awaiting extradition to the hague to being captured in serbia belgrade eggs the move will bring the country close it to e.u. membership.
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very well welcome to you this is a long way from moscow e.u. leaders have gathered in brussels full on emergency summit on how to come up with the cash promise for a second bailout to greece will the heads of state instead to be considering a new valentine's to payroll athens and to stave off a looming to fold but with a flea in spain now showing the first systems of the debt at the demick there are fresh tensions between the attendee. squabbles have already broken alba. germany pessimistic about the sound nation france calling of applause why didn't you see it is ours was down zero zero five will continue to hear a speech by its right. the single currency will be good within two years warner lists within the european debt crisis and there's
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a really very serious threat. to. disintegrate. the euro zone a lot it's already too late to save the greek economy according to a majority of leading economists and experts polled by l.t. greece is really going down the drain completely the depth is escalating the deficit is start talking out of control but i could give you the analogy but they were like somebody with a gambling problem or a drink problem. but not so it's a cultural thing so no we find ourselves with someone with a drinking problem but with a huge debt as well and the problem will only ever get worse until you actually confront reality and say look they don't fit in the or as not going to fit together with germany in one single your politicians the richest states they voted.


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